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"How Tel-Aviv Should be Seen"

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"I think IsraeLife is so great..I know that everyone on my Birthright trip was wanting to stay just a little bit longer to experience more of Israel.  It was truly a trip of a lifetime and I can't wait to go back!"

- Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Israel Outdoors January '08
"Tel Aviv is the best place in the world for young adults, I love it here and just wish more people could experience the same! IsraeLife is just it!"

- Yoni F.

"I lived in Tel Aviv for a while and these are the best places there! I miss them right now!"

- Bel Ann H.

Oranim Junior Staff Recruiter '07

"Be here this summer for Tel Aviv's 100th anniversary! Experience the Israeli Life!"

- Ron L.

"We didn't even know we could extend our trip, this is all everyone talked about doing!"

- Rachel O.

Israel Outdoors Summer '07

"IsraeLife is exactly what we needed!  I'm so happy it came many people will benefit from this!"

- Jenna C.

Oranim Summer '07

"I miss Israel! I wish we had stayed a few days longer - this looks perfect!"

- Alex H.

Oranim Winter '08

"This is amazing, we would've had the best time after our tour!"

- Jaime C.

Oranim Summer '07

"If you tour Israel this summer, make sure to spend a few days in Tel Aviv so you get to see all it has to offer!

- Liron M.

"We stayed for a few days after our tour and it really was worth it..this would have made everything so much easier!"

- Kate K.

Oranim Summer '07

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