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IsraeLife was founded by Michael K. Orgera who participated in Oranim Birthright in June 2007. After experiencing a life-changing ten days, he and some friends continued their trip by spending an extra three days in Tel Aviv. That time was filled by relaxing at the beach, enjoying great restaurants, shopping in local markets and checking out the nightlife. After the trip he realized how special of a time it was and wanted everyone that toured Israel to share their same experience.

During that stay he also realized that a lot of time and energy was wasted on figuring out where to go and what to do. Mike went back to Israel and met with local business owners in Tel Aviv and created IsraeLife - a service that will help you enjoy the best of everything Tel Aviv has to offer in a more organized and affordable way. We believe it's necessary to see Tel Aviv from an insiders point-of-view and that is exactly what we provide.

The rest of the IsraeLife team is made up of other Americans who made Aliyah and now live in Tel Aviv. They have extensive knowledge on the best local places to visit after your tour including restaurants, beaches and clubs. Contact us anytime and we'll be happy to help with any questions you may have.

Our trip extension is intended for anyone who tours Israel and wants to spend time in Tel Aviv afterwards. We can also fine-tune your trip for a longer stay than 4 days - just contact us directly, info@israelife.com

We hope that your IsraeLife experience together with the time spent on your tour will give you a better understanding of contemporary Israel, its culture and what it means to be Jewish in the State of Israel today.

About Us

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"The Birthright Afterparty"

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"Tel-Aviv is the best place in the world for young adults, I love it here and just wish more people could experience the same! IsraeLife is just that...do it!"

- Yoni F.

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Israel's leading news source, Haaretz, interviews IsraeLife's Founder Michael Orgera for the Taglit-Birthright website!