Why Us?
That's simple...
Because IsraeLife is the only service of its type – specifically created for young adults who visit Israel on a Birthright tour and want to enjoy a few days in Tel Aviv before they return home.

Traveling on a budget isn't fun...
Knowing what to do, where to go, and how to get in the places you want can be tough, and sometimes, even, dare we say, extremely frustrating in a place you don't really know...and IsraeLife takes care of all this, while saving you time and money.

Making your life easier...
We've has been in your shoes! IsraeLife has put together a variety of 2-4 night packages for you to choose from, all of which include hotel accommodation, airport transportation, free beach chairs and a personalized IsraeLife member card so you can save money at some of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv!

While you're here we'll help you experience Tel Aviv, "the city that never stops" safely, affordably, and on your own terms.

IsraeLife only works with a select group of hotels and establishments that we believe to be the absolute best in Tel Aviv, and, all of which are in walking distance from one another, the American Embassy and the beach!

Night Life...
Contact us anytime during your stay for information on which clubs and bars we
recommend. IsraeLife will also help you with table reservations at some of the best spots in Tel Aviv. Our number is located on the back of your IsraeLife card so we can be reached 24/7 to help you with anything and everything!

What you can expect is to top off your tour of Israel with another, unforgettable experience...come experience the 'Israeli life!'
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"How Tel-Aviv Should be Seen"

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Frishman Beach
"IsraeLife is exactly what we needed!  I'm so happy it came together...so many people will benefit from this!"

- Jenna C.

Oranim Summer '07