We know that parents are concerned when their loved ones are away and overseas. When you begin to tour Israel, rests assure that you will feel completely safe. Keep in mind IsraeLife only works with local establishments in Tel Aviv.

With IsraeLife you will be spending the majority of your days on the beach and near your hotel. All of our hotels are in close proximity to the United States Embassy located on Ha'Yarkon street. This area is monitored 24/7 by private security. In addition, all hotels we deal with use a secured door, which only hotel guests may enter.

Below you will see a small section of Tel Aviv in which all our participating restaurants, shops and hotels are located. The nightclubs we work with are also located nearby, only a short distance from where you will be staying.

If you have any concerns feel free to email us directly at We’d be glad to answer any of your questions.

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"The Birthright Afterparty"

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Oranim Summer '07
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[1]La Mer Beach Bar
[2]The Miguel Bistro
[4]Whitehall Steakhouse
[5]Mike's Place
[*]Kyoto Salsa - Just added!
Will be added to the map shortly.

10% off all establishments with your IsraeLife card!

[6]O-Fun Bike Shop
[7]H20 Xtreme Academy
[8]Dead Sea Cosmetics Center
[9]SHAPE Spa @ Holmes Place Fitness Center
[10]Pritvate Link Internet Cafe
Our Hotels:

[11]The Gordon Inn
[12]Hayarkon 48
[2] The Miguel Hotel
[13]The Best Western Regency Suites
[14]The Maxim Hotel
[15]The Lusky Suites
[16]The Park Plaza Orchid Hotel
[17]The Prima Hotel Tel-Aviv
[18]The Sheraton Hotel & Towers